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HMLAC Superior

LAC – 004

LAC Light Alpha

Task Group 21.1

Current Crew

Nicholas Sterling

Nicholas Sterling

CO HMLAC Superior - Lt Cmdr (O4)

Current CO of HMLAC Superior






Biography In 2007, Sterling had been working on penning some science fiction stories. His best friend, Justin Grays, was doing the same when Grays told Sterling about the Honor Harrington series and how much he loved David Weber’s writing style and the depth of the Honorverse. Sterling agreed to give On Basilisk Station a try to see how he liked it, and was quickly drawn into the universe of Honor Harrington. During the early fall of 2011, Sterling had been told about the Royal Manticoran Navy and the Minneapolis chapter, HMS Merlin. Sterling being quite busy, was unable to take the time to join immediately. However, quickly he discovered what was involved with being a spacer on HMS Merlin and signed up on 2 October 2011. After finding the experience enjoyable and wanting to help form a new chapter for Minnesota, Sterling worked with Grays and Jill McTavish to form the new chapter. He was promoted to Electronic Warfare Technician First Class as he and the tactical team continued to recruit new members. On 20 November 2011, Sterling was promoted to Chief Petty Officer and was made Bosun of HMS Samurai After the launch of HMS Invincible and the transfer of Justin Grays from CO, HMS Samurai to CO, HMS Merlin, Sterling transferred to HMS Merlin to take over as the ship’s Bosun. After HMS Lodestone launched, Cole transferred there to take over as ship’s Bosun

Insignia Rank Date of Rank
Lieutenant Commander 10 May 2016
Rank_RMN_O-4_Collar Lieutenant Senior Grade 04 DEC 2015
Rank_RMN_E-8_Bosun_Sleeve Senior Chief Petty Officer 12 JUNE 2015
Rank_RMN_E-7_Bosun_Sleeve Chief Petty Officer 20 NOV 2011
Rank_RMN_E-3_Sleeve Spacer First Class 16 OCT 2011
Rank_RMN_E-1_Sleeve Spacer Third Class 02 OCT 2011
Posts and duties in tRMN

  • 02 OCT 2011: Spacer, HMS Merlin CA-270
  • 16 OCT 2011: Electronics Warfare Technician, HMS Merlin CA-270
  • 20 NOV 2011: Bosun, HMS Samurai CL-356
  • 27 APR 2012: Bosun, HMS Merlin CA-270
  • 27 AUG 2012: Bosun, HMS Lodestone DD-64
  • 16 MAR 2015: Electronic Warfare Non-Commissioned Officer, Task Group 21.1
  • 04 DEC 2015: CO, HMLAC Superior
  • 10 MAY 2016: CO, LAC Flight Alpha
Decorations and commendations

  • king_roger_iii_coronation_medal King Roger III Coronation Medal, 02 OCT 2011
  • space_service_deployment_ribbonSpace Service Deployment Medal, 02 OCT 2011
  • nco_senior_course_ribbon Non-Commissioned Officers Senior Course Ribbon 26 JAN 2012
  • meritorious_service_medal Meritorious Service Medal, 10 MAY 2012
  • Naval Rifle Marksmanship Certificate, 21 JULY 2012
  • navy_rifle_sharpshooter Navy Rifle Sharpshooter Ribbon, 21 JULY 2012
  • navy_rifle_expert_shooterNavy Rifle Expert Ribbon, 26 JAN 2013
  • list_of_honor_citation List of Honor Citation, 16 FEB 2013
  • royal_meritorious_unit_citation Royal Meritorious Unit Citation, 06 JULY 2013

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