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HMS Imperatrix

SD – 457

Battle Squadron 1

Task Group 21.1

HMS Imperatrix, SD-457


Welcome to HMS Imperatrix SD-457. Imperatrix is a chapter of the Royal Manticoran Navy, based in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. Our chapter formed on December 23rd, 2012 under the name HMS Samurai CL-356 (Light Cruiser), a relatively small chapter class.
We experienced rapid growth in the early months of 2013. On May 4th, 2013, we transferred to HMS Imperatrix SD-457 (Superdreadnought), TRMN’s largest chapter class. HMS Imperatrix became the fourth Superdreadnought of Battle Squadron 21 (BatRon 21). Battle Squadron 21 is the first BatRon in TRMN. HMS Imperatrix became the Flagship of Battle Division 212 on August 1st, 2014.
The Royal Manticoran Navy is based off of the “Honor Harrington” novels written by David Weber. Yes, David Weber based a few of the books off of C.S. Forester’s “Horatio Hornblower” novels.
We are fans of science fiction and military history. Our primary purpose is to have fun in a positive way and be an active fan club. We hold frequent social gatherings and play board, video, and computer games both as a ship and with our many friends from BatRon 21, and the fan club at large. We also go to Minnesota Roller Girl bouts, attend plays, play lazer tag, and paintball.
The Royal Manticoran Navy, has an emphasis on developing leadership skills. Our club has access to dozens of exams that are in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). These exams teach members about leadership, Earth History, the Honorverse, and how The Royal Manticoran Navy is structured.
If you are still reading this introduction, HMS Imperatrix may be the place for you.
In honour of the Queen,
Sir Wayne Bruns, KDE, OG
Captain of the List, RMN CO, HMS Imperatrix SD-457


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