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HMS Invincible

SD – 455

Battle Squadron 1

Task Group 21.1

HMS Invincible, SD-455


HMS Invincible was commissioned on 3 May 2013 and is the Flagship of Second Fleet! The commissioning ceremony was held in the presence of David Weber in the TRMN party room at DemiCon.

Her crew was formerly assigned to the Reliant-class battlecruiser HMS Invincible (BC-416) and upgraded to this new vessel, at which time the battlecruiser bearing the same name was retired. Invincible’s crew traces its lineage to HMS Merlin, which was the first ship launched in Second Fleet, and one of the earliest chapters in TRMN.

Invincible has lead the way with many “firsts” in TRMN, including being the first ship to have over 100 members on its roster, as well as the first to have a company-sized MarDet, and then the first to have a battalion-sized MarDet. Her crew participates with distinction in many TRMN operations, including MantiCon, CONvergence, and Marscon.

Invincible is a Invictus-class pod-laying superdreadnought. A superdreadnought pod-layer, SD(P), or ‘podnought,’ is a pod-layer variant built on a modified superdreadnought hull with a hollow core where it stored racks of remotely fired missile pods, which protected them from proximity or “soft” kills. This also allows a ship to carry a greater number of pods into battle. Podnoughts can “hand off” deployed pods to other ships in the same formation to tow, although the podnought itself still provides fire-control. The Invictus-class SD(P) is an advanced class of second-generation pod-laying superdreadnoughts deployed by the RMN at the turn of the 1920’s PD. They were the most powerful warship class in the explored galaxy and incorporated the best Manticoran technology.



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